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Application Security
Do you have found yourself asking "At what stage should I test the application?", "Could an attacker potentially access the back end database?" or "Is my authentication strong enough?", then we can help advise on these and any other questions that you have to help achieve your desired goals. One of the team is always willing to discuss any specific requirements or questions you might have so feel free to contact us.

Whether it's an internal CRM or HR system containing business critical or sensitive data, or a public facing ecommerce/transactional website, application security is a constant battle.


We can really understand how important an area this is and how severe the implications of poor or compromised security could be for your business, your data, your clients and your reputation. Most of the Web applications we tested contained at least one high risk vulnerability. The continual pressure for organizations to make information more accessible and available can feed through to a greater potential for application security risks, with the ICO recently handing out fines of up to 500k to organizations that have experienced breaches and data loss.

We work with many companies who are serious about securing their data and who get us involved early in their application development cycle, with us working alongside developers and third parties to ensure security is built in from the ground up.