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Wireless Infrastructure
Wireless networks provide an easy way of offering a network for visitors and guests to access the Internet, allow organizations to enable networking throughout buildings where traditional cabling is not viable and, increasingly, are being regulated and assessed through compliance standards including PCI DSS and Government Code of Connections. /br> There are several areas to consider when implementing or managing a wireless network to ensure security.

Our tests are based on a foundation of:

  • open to intrusion or abuse from an external perspective,

  • network adequately segmented from the rest of the network,

  • if compromised what information could an attacker obtain,

  • in case of a breach do you have sufficient measures in place to allow a full investigation

  • possibililty to connect rogue access points to the network

  • signal leakage that could represent a threat to your organizations security

  • possibililty to connect rogue access points to the network

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